Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

Circa is committed to the establishment and operation of an Environmental Management System that focuses the business activities of the Company and its employees on environmental management, reducing the impact of our operations on the environment, and preventing pollution.

Accordingly, the following principles are essential to CIRCA's Environmental policy:

- We are committed to the implementation, maintenance and review of our Environmental Management System in order to manage the environmental aspects and impacts of our business activities, including:  heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration services.

- We are committed to complying with or exceeding all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements that are applicable in the jurisdictions within which we conduct our business.

- We are committed to setting business goals, objectives and targets for continual improvement in the use of resources, preventing pollution, minimizing waste and recycling.

- We will document, implement, audit and conduct regular reviews of our Environmental Management System objective and targets, using planned management reviews to assess the continuing suitability and effectiveness of our EMS program.

- We will communicate our Environmental Policy to all CIRCA employees and make it available to the public & interested parties.

Jim Bince