Health and Safety Policy
Environmental Policy

Circa Refrigeration and its management are committed to the prevention of 
occupational illness and injury to employees, visitors and others while working.

This commitment shall be fulfilled via the provisions and maintenance of a healthful
and safe workplace that will, as a minimum, meet legislated health and safety
requirements and address all related employee concerns.  This will be accomplished
by using the following tools:  employee training and education; proactive approaches
to problem prevention; frequently scheduled meetings; health and safety  being
integrated into the company’s continuous improvement programs; company wide
preventive maintenance and housekeeping programs;  a company health plan
and an Employee Assistance Program.

This commitment is borne out of the belief that an employee who is comfortable
with his/her work environment is a more productive employee.

Each employee has the responsibility to obey the company policies and procedures,
follow safe work practices, and identify and report all unsafe acts and hazardous
conditions to their employer.

All supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that safe and healthful working
conditions are present and being maintained; and that each employee receives
the instruction, training, protective equipment and proper tools to perform their 
job safely and efficiently.  Supervisors are accountable for the health and safety
of the workers under their supervision.

Contractors, sub-contractors and their employees, when working at Circa Refrigeration
property or working on behalf of Circa Refrigeration have the responsibility to
meet the requirements of OHSA and the policies of Circa.

Circa Refrigeration Inc. is committed to the continual improvement of its
health and safety performance.  I request the participation of each of you, so that we
can maximize the benefits that are available from a first-rate health and safety

Circa Refrigeration also works under the guidelines of Chrysler Brampton Assembly
Plant contractors’ guidelines as per their manual.

Jim Bince
Circa Refrigeration Inc.